Cricket - The Major Sport At Truro School

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Cricket has the highest number of rules among all the sports. Nonetheless, they are worth learning given how rewarding the game is. The game is played using a ball and a bat. It needs two teams and a playing field. Each team is supposed to have eleven players.

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is important not only for the physical exercise but also in academics. There are people who have gone to school without paying a single dime because their were invested in playing cricket. However, you will not become a great cricketer overnight. It takes a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and discipline to become better. Read on to know more about how to become a great cricket player.

1. Talking to experienced players

Many beginners will be off the field the minute the final whistle is blown. However, those who are serious about going beyond the ordinary will stay back to talk to those who are legends in the field. When asked the right questions, these legends can turn you into a legend too. Nonetheless, do not go in their with a superior mindset. Listening takes humility. Even if you think you know something well, it is good to listen to someone else talk about it. Even the basic things which can seem trivial can save the day. If possible, you should take notes for future references. However, it is good if you can keep it all in your mind.

2. Individual tuitions

Tuition does not only apply to academics. You can get a professional coach to train you at your own time. Nothing comes easy, and if you can set some time apart for tuition and find a professional to guide you, it will take you a very short time to become better. Nonetheless, remember that you will not become a legend when you are being trained by a person who is beneath your level. Get a person who knows the ins and outs of the game. He or she will be able to challenge you to become better. Otherwise, someone who is below your level of expertise in the game will make you feel like you are winning when in the real sense you have stagnated.

3. Practice a lot

The saying that practice makes perfect might be old, but it does not mean that it no longer holds. If you want to become better at something, then you should be prepared to sacrifice your time at practice. You should play at every chance you get. Coming up with a daily timetable for practicing is helpful because you will be able to keep track of the time you are spending in the field.

Playing in friendly matches will help you prepare for the real tournaments. When you are only competing with yourself, then you might think that you are ahead only to be exposed to the harsh reality during serious matches.

4. Be serious in your practice

You need to give your best to the game even during friendly matches. You should not be sluggish just because there is no trophy to be won at the end. When you get used to playing every game to win, it will be every easy for you when you are competing in serious matches. You should attack the balls as if it is your last game and be strict when it comes to no-balling at the net.

5. Work alone

It is likely that you will not find someone else who has your level of commitment and dedication to the game. However, do not use this as an excuse to be mediocre. The good news is that you can work alone and still succeed. Therefore, do as much as you can on your own. Remember that it will be your success when you become great. Thus, no one is obligated to help you.

You can bowl six balls in a set at the net. Additionally, you can be picking the balls and then throw the stumps down. It might not be as fun as playing in a team, but you need to do what you can when the situation does not allow you to be in a team.

6. Be physically fit

It is no secret that people with athletic bodies tend to be great at cricket than those who are not. Therefore, do not let this be the reason for your downfall. Do what it takes to be fit. The good thing is that you do not have to spend money to be fit. Running, walking and jogging will get you there sooner. Also, you have to watch what you are eating. Once you achieve physical fitness, you will be able to relax and worry more about becoming better at the game instead of how to lose the extra pounds. Many of the best cricket players in the world have passed through Truro school.